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People of Fiji, I want to ask, what is wrong with FijiFirst?

Aiyaz attacks Bhajanias. Frank attacks Talatalas. What is wrong with the FijiFirst party leaders? Why aren't they talking about real issues?

Issues like leadership, issues like the economy, like no water in the taps or fixing our schools and hospitals. Why aren't they coming into the studios to debate the opposition parties on these issues? Frank Bainimarama should not attack religious leaders and tell them that they are going to hell.

When he talks about issues such as the secular state, I ask him to be calm and sensible. All of us want racial and religious tolerance in this country. But please do not bully and insult our people. Listen, be humble and when you disagree with others views, a good leader uses persuasion and patience.

But let me say to the people of Fiji. We promise the people of Fiji. We promise you. Soon, you will have a better government."

Biman Prasad



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