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PM a liar!

The National Federation Party says it is useless urging the Prime Minister to campaign on issues  and wage a battle of ideas because of his insatiable appetite to  stoop to gutter level and utter lies.

NFP Leader Professor Biman Prasad says the PM’s comments, attacking NFP, made during a Fiji First “sausage sizzle and bouncy castle event”, is a sign of a “desperate man who is clutching at straws”.

We will not stoop to his level of spewing venom mixed with absolute garbage”.

“But his comment that NFP only represents Indo Fijians and what would happen to i-taukei is downright racist”.

“NFP has always been a multiracial party since its inception in 1963. Our line-up for  these elections is genuinely multiracial. Unlike him who was leading a 99% i-taukei institution for 15 years as RFMF commander”.

“The PM’s comment that NFP supporters would be running in the cane fields  in the 2006 coup hadn’t happened and that businessmen supposedly urging him to remove government are NFP supporters, and that NFP Leaders will run away when something happens, is  despicable”.

“It is the Fiji First that has millions of dollars in their account from these businessmen collected from the business community by circumventing the restrictions in the political parties Act”.

“The PM should be the last person in Fiji to be talking about running and ducking” NFP has been around for 55 years and will remain steadfast in its resolve to bring about genuine democracy, justice and fairness for all our people.


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