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PM’s lies causing division: NFP

The National Federation Party says Prime Minister Honourable Voreqe Bainimarama has created unprecedented history by becoming the first Leader of our Independent Nation to totally stoop low and read gutter-level speeches penned by his spin doctors.

NFP Leader Professor Biman Prasad says that no other Prime Minister has ever uttered so many lies and vilified other politicians and political parties in the manner that Honourable Bainimarama has done.

“The PM is fast losing the moral and ethical authority to govern and it is evident now to everyone”.

“This is a clear signal that the PM is clutching at straws and is prepared to spew gutter-level rhetoric in a desperate attempt to win votes and retain power, not caring at all that he is the one who is sowing the seeds of ethnic and racial division, and blatantly lying that the NFP is campaigning along these lines. This is despicable and most unbecoming of a Prime Minister, but not surprising given their level of desperation”.

“If the PM has conclusive and irrefutable evidence about NFP involved in such a campaign, he should reveal it. He should not rely on what the Fiji Sun reported earlier this year because even his right-hand man the Attorney General failed to gather conclusive evidence when he held a meeting in the particular area in the Northern Division, where one of our Members of Parliament was alleged to have made such a statement”.

“As the Chief Legal Officer of the State, the AG should tell his friend the PM that whatever he says should be backed by evidence. Not gutter level and desperate lies”.

“The PM is also rubbishing the role of Opposition by saying that the NFP was in the political wilderness for the last four years. Therefore in the eyes of the PM, there is no role for the Opposition in parliamentary democracy. This is the height of his hypocrisy, especially from someone who constantly preaches about Talanoa as the best form of dialogue all over the world,  but struggles to practice it locally”.

“The PM also selectively named former Leaders of the NFP. We remind him that all our leaders – A D Patel, S M Koya, Harish Sharma, Jai Ram Reddy, and our founding fathers and mother’s, were giants of their time, in their ability, understanding and perception of problems facing Fiji. They did not stoop to gutter-level politics but were statesmen and women. Their achievements are milestones etched in the annals of history”.

“They made NFP an impregnable and principled fortress. This is the unbreakable roots of our existence for the last 55 years and beyond, because we believe in the national interest, not our personal advancement like the PM and his Government that  fixed their salary through a Decree and voted for hefty increases to their travel allowances despite the fact that taxpayers were reeling from TC Winston”.

“The PM is being hit by the winds of change blowing all over Fiji, and that change is inevitable. The NFP is fearlessly pounding him and his party round for round, with our ideas and policies for the lasting social, economic and political advancement of Fiji”.

Professor Biman Prasad


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