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PM stoops to gutter-level

Wednesday 17th February 2021

The Prime Minister has stooped to gutter-level in his latest diatribe against me.

His comments are petulantly childish. How low can the leader of a nation go with his despicable and defamatory comments? But it is symptomatic of a man desperate to camouflage his government’s failures and massive betrayal of promises that has brought our beloved country to the brink of abyss.

"Unlike the Government which has a serious delusional and desperately infantile Messiah complex, I am not that powerful so as to even think that I can pull strings for my personal and nepotistic gain like they do, as claimed by the Prime Minister", said NFP Leader today in response to the Prime Minister’s sweeping allegations against him.

"I am amused that the Prime Minister can spout astounding claims that I can influence SODELPA in such a way, when the Leader of Opposition as well as his caucus MPs are highly intelligent enough, and have their own moral convictions about the heinous manner in which an elderly man was ambushed in his house and barbarically deported out of Fiji without natural justice."

"With regards to the obtuse allegations levelled at my wife as a means to tarnish her credibility, she is highly qualified and an exemplary woman in her own right who I support in her professional career, and I am proud that on merit and gender she is smashing glass ceilings as a beacon for other young women in Fiji"

"Maybe that is why she was bestowed a 50th Independence anniversary medal.

Personally, I am proud of her and her academic achievements. Dr Chand has always believed and promoted meritocracy. And she has earned her new appointment on merit.

The PM has shown that all his talk about gender empowerment is a farce. We consider his attack on Dr Chand’s appointment as misogynistic.

However, we don’t expect a person and leader of a government that practices nepotism and cronyism to understand meritocracy.

Not anyway from someone who doesn’t know what GDP means!

Authorised by:

Professor Biman Prasad





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