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PMs bragging shameful and despicable

October 6, 2021

“Stop bragging and taking the Lord’s name in vain when you have presided over the single biggest disaster and loss of lives in our country’s 51 years of Independence”.

“Talk about issues like how to alleviate poverty that reached almost 30% at the time of the so-called Bainimarama Boom but has now escalated to about 50% due to economic depression caused by Covid-19”.

This is the message to Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama from National Federation Party Leader Professor Biman Prasad after a message posted on the Fiji Government social media page shows the PM as saying the battle against Covid-19 pandemic is about to end, he has proved critics wrong and is in firm control.

“This is a national leader who brags about himself and claims he will secure every Fijian from clear and present danger. The PM forgets what he announced the start of the second wave of the pandemic on 19th April”.

“Then, he spoke about grave and present danger to the lives of our people and the need to comply with strict measures and enforcement of lockdowns to contain and eliminate the virus”.

“Almost six months later with the virus out of control due to the PM’s egoistic and ‘My Way or the Highway’ leadership in deciding to open up containment zones, 1,150 citizens have lost their lives through no fault of theirs and over 51,200 people have so far been infected”.

“And in a bid to keep a lid on the death toll and rate of infection, the Health Ministry split the death toll into two categories as well as significantly reduced testing and contact tracing”.

“Worse, the Ministry is now announcing deaths that occurred in the last three months saying it takes time to investigate and determine the cause of death”.

“It is shameful and despicable that instead of sympathising with the families who have lost loved ones and offering his genuine and sincere condolences, the PM showers himself with praise for his handling of the crisis”.

“Does he have the courage to go to each individual family, undoubtedly, still grieving the loss of a loved one, and tell them that he is in firm control and protecting them from the grave danger posed by the pandemic?”

“It is the PM and his government and their ‘From Containment to Containers” approach, where they allowed the virus to spread freely by opening up containment zones and installed three forty feet container freezers as morgues, who must be held responsible for the needless loss of life of our citizens and heaping pain, suffering, and misery on the people”.

“The nation is at the crossroads, at odds with itself, due to failed leadership. Yet, we have a PM who says he is in firm control of the situation”.

“This is symptomatic of a typical dictator who thinks he or she is always right despite the fact that people are dying, poverty is increasing and people are struggling to put food on the table”.

“This façade must end at the next elections”.

Professor Biman Prasad



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