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Police Lawlessness a grave worry

August 9, 2017


The fact that 12 Police Officers have been charged by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions for criminal offences shows the extent of lawlessness in the country.

If law enforcers and those vested with protecting the people from criminal elements become law breakers themselves then the confidence of people in the Fiji Police Force is seriously eroded.

And if those tasked with maintaining law and order are engaged in unlawful acts, they are setting a bad example for our ordinary citizens who are struggling to make ends meet and survive. They tend to lose all faith and confidence in our police force.

12 Police Officers being charged for criminal offences cannot taken lightly.  This is the manifestation of the rot that has set in our society. People’s confidence in the police is already low and faith in Police to provide safety and security is now further shaken.

This cancer of lawlessness starts from the top. Any breach of the law, no matter how trivial, is a crime. This rot must be stopped.

To stop lawlessness in a country, people must wake up, stand up, unite and reject all who are involved in taking law in their own hands. People who usurp power must understand and learn that peoples power is at the ballot box and they must and can decide the kind of country and government they want – an accountable. transparent. trustworthy and compassionate government.

Jagannath Sami

General Secretary

National Federation Party

999 3049-m


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