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Racial politics

June 6, 2022

Comments like Mahendra Reddy’s show how the Fiji First Party is playing racial politics to stay in power.

It is disgusting how Government Ministers go to Indo-Fijian places of worship to tell them that only Frank Bainimarama can guarantee their status as equal citizens.

The legal rights of every citizen in this country have been the same since Independence in 1970. So why are people like Mahendra Reddy telling Indo-Fijians differently?

The Agriculture Minister told those gathered for the firewalking ceremony that Prime Minister Bainimarama had to be born to make Indo-Fijians equal citizens of Fiji by calling every one “Fijian”.

If Mahendra Reddy believes he only became an equal citizen of Fiji from 2013 under the leadership of Voreqe Bainimarama, then he is rubbishing his own existence, progress and education, which he attained well before 2013.

Reddy’s comments are despicable and insulted the existence, social, economic and political advancement of Indo-Fijians in Fiji for the last 143 years..

His comments are derogatory and an highly insulting to the struggles, hard work and sacrifices of our forefathers that has enabled Indo-Fijians to make giant strides and achieve huge success in education, business, politics, academia, to name a few.

We believe such gutter-level emotional blackmail is being preached in temple prayers not only by Reddy but by other Fiji First puppets as well.

“Nobody has forgotten that it was the Bainimarama government that banned Professor Brij Lal, the pre-eminent internationally recognised historian on Girmit, and his wife Dr Padma Lal from entering the land of their birth”.

“And when Professor Lal tragically died after 12 years in exile, the cruel and heartless Fiji First government is not allowing Professor Lal’s family from coming home with his ashes for interment at his birthplace in Tabia”.

Fiji First is desperately trying to capture Indo-Fijian votes using the politics of fear. They talk multiracialism in public but in their pocket meetings they try to say that only Fiji First can protect Indo-Fijians.

We want these comments to be exposed for all Fiji citizens to see. We want everyone to see how Fiji First will say anything and do anything to stay in power, even if they spread fear among the people. This is how desperate they are.

All voters need to look hard at these pathetic people. Then and, at election time, they must speak with one voice – and throw them out of government into political wilderness.


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