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Remove Fuel Duty

Monday 1st March 2021

Government must remove the 20 cents per litre extra duty on fuel imposed from 1st April last year, said National Federation Party Leader Professor Biman Prasad.

Professor Prasad said the extra fuel duty is severely hurting the pockets of people with escalating price of fuel.

“The price of motor spirit is $2.13 per litre, kerosene price has increased by 20 cents per litre, price of cooking gas has increased by $2.68 per 12 kg cylinder. This will severely hurt the pockets of ordinary and poor people”.

“On 26th March, while delivering the Covid-19 Response Budget, the Minister for Economy justified the imposition of the 20 cents per litre extra duty by saying the fuel prices were at their lowest due to dramatic reductions in world fuel price”.

“We have had about three successive hikes to price of fuel, resulting in motor spirit costing people $2.13 as well as rises to other fuel products”.

“Now that world fuel price has risen, contributing to significant increases locally, it is only fair that the 20 cents per litre extra duty is immediately removed”.

“It is the duty of any government to pass on the benefits of any price reduction to the people as part of its social obligation. For 10 months now, this government has extracted extra revenue by imposing duty due on low fuel price”.

“Therefore, people never fully benefitted from the low fuel price”.

“Government now must do the right thing by the people and immediately remove the duty that is becoming a financial burden on ordinary people and small businesses, which are struggling to survive”.

Authorised by:

Professor Biman Prasad



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