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Tell the Truth

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Friday 21st August 2020

The Government must tell Fiji’s people the whole truth about the current dengue fever and leptospirosis outbreak. Then it must tell us its plan to fix the problem. If it does not have a plan, it must develop one.

It is truly shocking how the Government has failed our people on these disease outbreaks.

It boasts to the world about its Covid-19 response. It blasts us with posters and publicity and advertisements everywhere about the coronavirus. It even restricts our movements at night using Covid-19 as the excuse.

Meanwhile 4,400 people are reported to be suffering from dengue and leptospirosis.

These are just the reported cases. These illnesses can be fatal. At least 10 people have died this year, so far.

What is the use of protecting people from a new disease if we can’t protect them from the old ones?

The treatment strategies for these diseases are decades old. Public health and community education are critical. What is happening? Why is the Government doing nothing?

As usual the Government is all about the show and nothing about the substance. It’s good to tell the tourists that we are Covid-free. Very good. Now, please turn our attention to the health and lives of thousands of our own people!

Authorised by: -

Lenora Qereqeretabua

NFP Vice-President


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