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The "MIA" Government Leaders

Tuesday 18th May 2021

If Fiji is on a so-called “war footing” then its Government leaders are officially MIA (Missing in Action).

If this is a battle then the Prime Minister is our commanding officer. Where is he? Why isn’t he leading from the front like the leader of every other government?

In any battle a good commander knows which of his officers to deploy on the front line. In this war we know this should be the doctors and scientists. Why has he relegated them silently to the back?

A good commander must get food and essentials to his soldiers and vulnerable civilians. So why is his team doing nothing, just complaining that some people are asking for too much?

A good commander keeps his army marching forward in a single unit. He stays visible. He tells his troops what they need to know. He gives them support and encouragement.

Our commanding officer is silent. His team now speak through press releases. They answer no questions. They allow rumour and confusion to dominate the discussion.

And most importantly, a good commander takes responsibility. He asks for advice. He gathers views from his team. If mistakes have been made, he accepts the blame.

Our government does none of these things. At one of the most critical times in our history, The Fiji First Government’s leaders are MIA. And the people of Fiji will not forget.

Pio Tikoduadua



Jone Dakuvula
Jone Dakuvula
May 19, 2021

President Biden has now lifted the lock down in USA because over 50% of citizens will not allow them selves to be vaccinated. So what is the purpose of the lockdown in Fiji? The distress caused by the lock down is more devastating on the lives of people, especially the poor and unemployed than this mysterious Covid 19 virus. Where is the scientific proof that the virus is killing people in Fiji?


May 19, 2021

People have no earnings , more than month noe, 161 line either crashes or disconnected, whatever the case , when donations received From Foreign countries, in millions of dollars distributions of rations reachers people in very small quantities and after much delays . Manny citizens are suffering drastically. Still no income for so manny , economy ministry handling, hope justice prevails.Humanity please ,don’t let starve. Very pathetic Situation, God bless Fiji citizens.

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