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Thousands are leaving Fiji because of bad governance

The bad governance of Fiji First and the two men rule of Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is leading to a massive exodus of skilled Fijians overseas for better opportunities for them and their families.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum blames demand in Australia for the loss of thousands of our skilled people who are leaving for better opportunities there.

And while it is true that opportunities in Australia offer more money, we know that this is not the only reason people are leaving.

People are also leaving in despair. They are tired of this government and its controlling and its bullying. They are tired of living in fear for expressing their own views. They are tired that they cannot contribute positively to life in their own country because the Government does not want to hear their ideas for reform and improvement.

We hear, over and over again, from people in all parts of the country, particularly young professionals. They understand how Fiji is being misgoverned. They see the mess that the Government has created at USP, where many of them studied. They say that if the Fiji First government is re-elected, they will leave. And who can blame them?

The very people we need to rebuild our debt-burdened economy, add value and improve the lives of everyone, are the ones who are leaving. They cannot put their careers on hold because of an intolerant, abusive government. Many of our people want to be part of the solution to our problems, to stay and make things better. But they have no opportunity to do so because of the ego and paranoia of two men who think that only they should rule Fiji.

This is why we, the people, must all use the only power we have – our vote – to change course for Fiji and to elect a government that will pursue unity, a government that will be prepared to listen and to bring people into the process of changing Fiji for the better.

We are asking our people not to leave. We are asking them to stay back and fight for their country – and the first step is to go to the polls and vote our dictators out of office.

Professor Biman Prasad Leader


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