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Monday 30th March 2020

The presence of armed soldiers trying to control unarmed and harmless ordinary workers who are members of Fiji National Provident Fund trying to source their own funds in this depressed economic climate is intimidation and thuggery. National Federation Party President Pio Tikoduadua says the Party strongly condemns the presence of armed soldiers outside FNPF Office in Lautoka. “Whoever decided to send armed soldiers on to the streets amongst the public must be held to account”. “What are armed soldiers with automatic weapons doing amongst ordinary workers?” “This is yet another example of lawlessness and militarization of the nation with the cash-strapped government flexing its muscles even on those who are harmless, defenceless and in desperate need of help”. “We are asking the military and government to clearly tell the people what are the rules of engagement for the armed soldiers and what are their orders for opening fire”. “We are dealing with civilians not armed thugs and hardened criminals. A well-trained military and police force should easily be able to control a non-violent crowd without any weapons”. “The last thing one needs to see is armed soldiers keeping an eye on you when you are exercising your right to source your own funds because of government’s inability to directly help you”. “Even in war the law must be followed at all times. Keeping watch over unarmed and defenceless citizens seeking help in getting their own money is no exception”.

Authorised by: Pio Tikoduadua President


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