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Wastage, pilferage and mismanagement has led to a State of Decay

March 4, 2022

Wastage, pilferage and mismanagement has led to a

State of Decay

Wastage, pilferage and mismanagement of taxpayers’ funds allocated to the Water Authority of Fiji for the last decade is the major cause for the state of decay of key infrastructure causing serious disruptions to constant supply of clean and safe water, said National Federation Party Professor Biman Prasad.

Professor Prasad said this is proven by the fact that water mains to the source have broken twice in the last fortnight leaving several thousands of people without water yet again.

The NFP Leader said this situation is now unbearable and it is preposterous for WAF to ask consumers to store water for three days when we are dealing with the working class.

“What does WAF expect? For people to work to earn a living to at least afford basic necessities or run back home to fill water? People don’t have the time for this. And yet the WAF Chairman, who is largely living in Australia, lectures us about science and why there are water cuts”.

“This is sickening. Nobody understands the warped reasons of the WAF Chairman who is behaving more like a failed politician than someone tasked with overseeing the fulfilment of the fundamental right of the people to have access to clean and safe water at all times”.

“But people do understand one thing. And that is, this government, whose modus operandi has been to surround itself with cronies by appointing those who make hefty donations to the Fiji First party to key positions, has failed miserably to even maintain key infrastructure in good condition, let alone deliver basic services like water and public healthcare”.

“WAF is a perfect example of the state of decay under the watch of this government and its cronies. Hundreds of millions of dollars were given to WAF over the last decade. But we continue to have broken mains, pump failures and all sorts of problems”.

“Long-serving experienced workers with hands-on experience in maintenance and expertise in resolving issues quickly have lost their jobs. More workers are being eyed to be given the boot because they supposedly lack qualifications despite being vastly experienced”.

“But this government and the WAF Chairman don’t care. Fortunately, their time will be up soon when people give their verdict at the polling booths”.

Professor Biman Prasad


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