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Where is the plan?

Friday 30th April 2021

The people of Fiji should be deeply grateful to the Australian Government for the $55 million budgetary assistance given to the Fiji Government to help us cope with the Covid crisis.

Our citizens should also appreciate the assistance provided by the New Zealand Government in terms of AstraZeneca vaccines for 250,000 people as well as financial help for the rollout of the vaccination program.

But now the people of Fiji should be asking their own Government – when will you announce your plan to help our most vulnerable people? What will you do with that money?

Yesterday we called for $10 million to be made available to NGOs and faith-based organisations so that they could provide food and essentials for those who are desperately in need as a result of our new Covid crisis.

We need the Government to work with community organisations in partnership, not against them or in competition with them.

Our government knew this Australian aid funding was coming. Does it have a plan? Will it share that plan with the people?

In this time of crisis the people of Fiji need leadership and support. The Australian Government has stepped up. What about our own Government?

Professor Biman Prasad



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