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Work of cowards

21 February 2020

The National Federation Party says that the fake “Fijian Times” Facebook site, which is publishing defamatory and frivolous claims against Opposition politicians, is clearly the work of pro-government cowards.

NFP Leader Professor Biman Prasad said fake sites like the Fijian Times, Fiji Village and Fiji Television News made out to resemble mainstream media, were created during the advanced stages of the 2018 general election campaign to spread malicious lies against the Opposition.

Professor Prasad said the Multinational Observer Group (MOG), which observed the elections expressed concern about this in their report saying fake sites designed to resemble legitimate mainstream media outlets were used to proliferate misinformation.

“Unfortunately the Electoral authorities, which had assured the MOG that it was identifying these sites and have them removed, has failed”.

“The Fijian Times continues spewing lies about the Opposition”.

“We wonder what is the use of the Online Safety Commission, when it is unable to monitor and eradicate malicious activity on social media”.

“And why has the Media Industry Development Authority Chairman remained silent on this issue all this time? More so when he is quick to criticise and highlight social media posts of Opposition politicians”.

“He should tell the people of Fiji to ignore what is being published on this site and inform them to access authenticated online sites of mainstream media in Fiji”.

“It is obvious that this Facebook page is being run by faceless cowards who are pro-Fiji First and publish misinformation to mislead the people”.

Authorised by:

Hon. Prof. Biman Prasad

Leader, National Federation Party.

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