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FNPF should speed up process for cyclone assistance applications

March 10, 2016

The NFP believes FNPF is unable to effectively serve its members who are seeking financial assistance to either rehabilitate their own homes or help their immediate families in cyclone-ravaged areas in the country.

While we understand FNPF is inundated with applications, the Fund is not able to effectively receive process all applications in the shortest possible time with people waiting in queues for hours any given day.

We are also disappointed that instead of adhering to its earlier announcement that the assistance scheme for both $1000 and $5000 housing assistance will be open for 60 days and reviewed at the end of that period, the Board of FNPF has decided that the deadline for all applications is 18th March. This is giving members only two weeks.

This is totally wrong.

We recommend that FNPF extend the time frame for receiving all applications to at least mid April as well as spread its manpower and resources in receiving applications.

Secondly FNPF should immediately set up temporary outlets outside major shopping areas to receive applications. Members should also be able to lodge their applications at post offices and also be allowed to send completed applications online.

These measures will speed up processing of applications.

Biman Prasad


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