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"We seek a country whose children of all races grow up with a deep understanding and respect for each other’s cultures, languages and traditions. We seek a country which encourages the best and the brightest—indeed, encourage all its people, of all races - to work together.”

JAI RAM REDDY, LEADER 1977-1884/1987-1999

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The National Federation Party is Fiji's oldest and longest-serving Political Organisation. The Party was born out of the struggles of farmers and the indentured labourers and to that end, was built on the values of equality, social justice and compassion.

We are a movement working to elect a Government that puts those shared values into action which would lead to the Civil, Social, Economic and Political empowerment of the people of Fiji.

Given the current impasse in Fiji, the NFP believes that with its experience, multiracial membership, sound policies, founding principles and more particularly its approach, the Party offers the people of Fiji a viable alternative to survive and move forward as a united, prosperous and stable nation.

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